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The Foaling Unit

The foaling unit is run during the months of January to July and in a typical season we would foal between 100 to 150 mares. There are 20 foaling boxes at Aghern, each of which have 24 hour CCTV monitoring. In the unlikely event of complications there is a vet on call within minutes. We assist each foaling and if necessary the foal can receive colustrum from our colustrum bank.

We continue foaling mares even when other units have closed down late in the season. Rathbarry Stud, Coolmore-Caslte Hyde stud and Coolmore-Grange Stud send their late foaling mares to us.

After foaling we can test the mare for ovulation and if necessary organise transport for walk in covering with a stallion of your choice and test for a successful cover.

We can continue to look after the mare and foal. for more details please see the Livery section.

Mare with new born foal
foal suckling mother
foal and mare
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